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Brief Description

Enjoy a scenic drive along Jamaica's beautiful coastline to Prospect Outback Adventures, one of Jamaica’s oldest estates owned by Sir Harold Mitchell. Enjoy a complimentary drink then board our “Jitney”, an open-aired tractor drawn carriage, to embark on a unique sightseeing journey through time.

As you ride along, your entertaining and informative tour guide will amuse you with tails of this amazing estate and those that once inhabited it. Be amazed as you are shown Jamaica’s flora and the secret medicinal powers that they hold; some of which are still being used today.

Get a bird’s eye view of the Magnificent White River George as it rushes through the lush rain forest below, separating two parishes.

No doubt…you will hear tales of the “Buccaneers” as you view the channel between the two Islands known as the “Spanish Main” … this was the main route taken by ships en route to Spain from Central America.

As you continue this amazing journey, watch in amazement as “Farmer Brown” climbs a 30 foot coconut tree. Discover the medicinal secrets of our local fruits and then sample these delicious and exotic fares. While you travel along, pay attention and see hundreds of tress planted by famous and influential people such as in Sir Winston Churchill, Charlie Chaplin, Shakira, Drew Barrymore and the list goes on.

Then journey on to the Great House, which once served as a fort, and houses the largest collection of Turtle Shell combs in the world.

Take a stroll in the gardens with beautiful and fragrant flowers and marvel at the magnificent view from the Great House veranda 1100 feet above sea level. As you gaze upon the lush tropical forest, beautiful gardens and the magnificent stretch of Caribbean Sea, be filled with understanding why Columbus immediately named Jamaica the land of wood and water when he first discovered this lush Island so many years ago.

As you pass Camel Park, stop and watch these beautiful, gentle giants as they graze happily in their environment and meet Cindy, the first Jamaican Camel.

You will then return to where you began this fascinating journey, with a new understanding of Jamaica’s culture, secrets and fascinating history. As you leave to perhaps go shopping or back to your ship, you will savor the memories of an unforgettable journey through time.


St. Mary

Opening Hours

8:00 AM – 4:00 PM, Monday - Sunday

More Information

Last Tour – 3:00 PM
Website -
Phone Number – 876-994-1058


1 hour 30 mins.

What to Bring:
Comfortable clothing and closed shoes are suggested
Cash/Credit Card