Ahhh…Ras Natango Gallery and Garden


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Discount Details

  • 10% discount for entrance fee (card only valid for one person)
  • 5% discount for purchases in the gift shop


Savings for 1 Person:
(Entrance Fee): US $3.50

Savings for 1 person:
(Gift Shop) : US $4.50

Terms and Conditions

  • Not valid with any other discount or promotion
  • Free Shuttle service based on availability (Please phone for availability)

Brief Description

Ras Natango is owned and operated by the Williams, Ian, Tamika & Ayale.  Experience the magic of nature.  Breathe fresh mountain air while enjoying a spectacular view and say the word, Ahhh.... You  will cherish the moment for a lifetime.

The best way to speak about the garden is to begin sharing quotes from some of the visitors. "Its just magical." "It's at retreat." "How do you stand living here? It's so peaceful". The garden is all that and so much more.  Carved in the hillside are terraces for walking and viewing the varied plants.

Jamaica has 28 endemic birds, 18 of which are found at Ahhh....  The garden has river stones painted with the birds seen on property with their scientific and local names for easy identification.

All paintings in the gallery are for sale. The medium is acrylic on canvas.  Paintings reflect the vibrant colors of the island, one section is of Jamaica flora and fauna, birders will enjoy paintings of our endemic birds and plant life that have been presented in the gallery.  The other section has paintings of our people, culture and pastimes.


1 Ras Natango Way
Camrose District
St. James

Free Shuttle Service available (Based on availability, Please phone)

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday
9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Saturdays & Sundays by appointment

More Information

Phone number – (876) 578-2582, (876) 807-4347
Website – www.rasnatango.com
Email – Tamika@rasnatango.com
Tour Duration – Approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour

What to Bring
Comfortable shoes for walking. High heel shoes are not practical for the terrain.

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