Rockspring Caves, Trelawny, Jamaica – Part II

The tour takes you into one of the caves in the cockpit country. This is the real deal, expect to get muddy and you will be wading through underground rivers. The journey takes you into the wide cavern of a fascinating network of underworld stalactites and stalagmites. My favourite part of the tour was when […]

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Rockspring Caves, Trelawny, Jamaica – Part I

Rockspring Caves is located in the Cockpit country in the heart of Jamaica. I travelled on the southern coast of Jamaica to get there. I was coming from Kingston which is the capital of Jamaica. Here are a few directions. Go along the highway to Mandeville and turn at Williamsfield and keep on going up […]

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Welcome to our Blog

Hi welcome to our blog. We want you to fall in love with our island home Jamaica the way we have. If you are a visitor or a Jamaican returning to your homeland welcome! We want to share with you the best that Jamaica has to offer. Learn about the best places to stay, our […]

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