Best places to visit in Jamaica: Top 10

We are frequently asked what are the best places to visit in Jamaica. Because there are so many Jamaican tourist attractions, it’s hard to narrow it down to ten. We have tried to avoid the usual tourist traps. So without much ado here are our favourite spots in Jamaica. 1. Blue Hole A sky blue […]

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Mayfield Falls Jamaica

Mayfield Falls Jamaica is a hidden treasure located in Glenbrook, Westmoreland. Most people are familiar with Dunns River Falls and YS Falls, but few have heard of Mayfield falls. Fortunately, you won’t experience the crowds of better-known waterfalls such as Dunns River Falls. Mayfield falls is more of a nature walk and visitors usually have […]

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Jamaica Tourist Attractions

Jamaica tourist attractions are very diverse. For such a small island, Jamaica packs quite a punch when you are trying to decide what Jamaican attractions to visit. If you want adventure, Jamaica has it. If you want to lay on a beach and do absolutely nothing, Jamaica has some of the best beaches in the […]

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Devon House Jamaica

Devon House Jamaica is Jamaica’s premier heritage site and should definitely be on your list of things to do in Kingston. Devon House is the former home of George Stiebel, described as Jamaica’s first black millionaire. He worked as a carpenter and a shipwright and made his fortune mining gold in Venezuela. Upon his return, […]

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Five Reasons to Choose Jamaica for a Diving Vacation

Jamaica is known to be a paradisiacal place of white-sand beaches and luxury resorts—but whatever your budget is, it can also make a great destination for a diving vacation. There’s plenty to love about this Caribbean nation, and the fact that scuba diving in Jamaica provides some of the best diving in the world is […]

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